This page describes how to add the Matlab OpenEarthTools.

Make a svn checkout with TorToisesvn. Do not use the usual addpath to add this to your Matlab path because this will take long and will also add hidden paths. OpenEarthTools contains a separate function addpathfast that is faster. In addition, addpath does not add an essential Java library, java-netCDF. Java paths require a separate addition with javaclasspath. oetsettings does both things: it adds regular folders with {addpathfast}} and adds a java library. You have to run oetsettings every time you start matlab. To make this easier, we recommend to make a shortcut link for this. Below is the order of event for Matlab R2012, but in older versions it is similar. We recommend to use the run} command to make it work independent of where your checkout is.


add a new shortcut

the shortcut pop-up

now add the run command

the shortcut is now ready to use

and will start adding the tools when you click it

Now you can proceed with using the tools for plotting in Google Earth.