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  • Webinar 2016: Model coupling with OpenMI - Introduction, basic concepts and live demonstration
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OpenMI webinar on 21st April, 2016 (15:00h-16:30h CEST)

Did you ever try to couple interacting processes, e.g. surface and subsurface water flow? OpenMI (Open Modelling Interface) is an OGC standard that allows time-dependent models to exchange data at run-time. When the standard is implemented, models can run simultaneously and share information at each time step, making model integration feasible at the operational level.

In this webinar, we will show the possibilities of model coupling with OpenMI to modellers and project managers in water related integrated modelling and other interested attendees.

We will present different research projects and case studies where OpenMI has been applied in the past and illustrate the added value of model coupling. You will also learn how the different processes were coupled. Ideally, you have basic experiences with computer model simulations and are familiar with computational grids, boundary conditions and model forcing.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What is OpenMI?
  • Examples of water flow simulation models
  • Coupling mechanisms
  • The OpenMI configuration editor
  • Setting up an OpenMI composition
  • Migrate existing models to OpenMI compliance

Further information

  • The lecture is given by Dr. Bernhard Becker (OpenMI Expert, Deltares) and Andreas Burzel (Flood Risk Analyst, Deltares)
  • Demonstration of water related models using OpenMI 1.4 and SOBEK 3
  • Participants can raise their questions in interactive Q&A sessions
  • Date and Time: 21st April, 2016 (15:00h-16:30h CEST, 14:00h-15:30h CET)
  • further information about OpenMI:

In case of any question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Deltares Academy (

This OpenMI webinar is organized within the frame of the FP7 Network of Excellence CIPRNet, which is being partly funded by the European Commission under grant number FP7-312450-CIPRNet. The European Commission’s support is gratefully acknowledged.

See also the announcement on the Deltares webinar schedule. Here the recorded webinar and the answers on questions during the webinar can be found.


Lecture Notes for the webinar

Presentation slides

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