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Selfe is an open-source community-supported code, development is coordinated by OHSU and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), see also and Selfe is a circulation model, used here in its 2D depth averaged form. It is fully coupled with a spectral wave model: WindWaveModel II. The model uses wind sea level pressure and tidal forcing inputs to compute currents, water levels and wave characteristics.

Meteo forcing

The data used for the meteo forcing is imported prior to running the model by means of the import module. This could be the NOAA GFS forecast (u and v wind components and pressure over the domain).

Selfe/WWMII Module Adapter - summary

This page describes the SELFE/WWMII module adapter and its functions. The model adapter assumes SELFE and WWMII are run on a (the University of La Rochelle's) cluster. The pre-adapter will also be executed on this cluster. Therefore, no files will appear in the FEWS Modules folders, other than the model input files exported by the GeneralAdapter (GA) and the output files created by the Selfe/WWMII post-adapter.

Selfe/WWMII pre-adapter

The pre-adapter is run on the cluster and there creates the model specific file needed for the run:

            • with the wind and pressure inputs, based on the meteo forcing exported by the GA (NetCDF format).

            • sflux_inputs.txt contains the atmospheric metadata needed for the run

            • with the boundary water level conditions

            • with the date (based on the meteo forcing exported by the GA (NetCDF format)) and time step

Selfe/WWMII post-adapter

Once the run is done, the post-adapter combines all output files resulting of a parallel run (MPI) into one output netcdf file. This file is imported in FEWS by the GeneralAdapter. 

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