Popular Press

Power Insider Asia, volume 3, issue 3 - The Waterhammer Phenomena
Riolering June/July 2010 - Almere callibrates pumping stations using "Digital Water" (dutch)
H2O January 2010 - Optimization of high pressure pumps creates 8,6% energy savings per year (Dutch)
Article from a WANDA customer: GHD (GHD website)
Wanda used for PLC testing: "Digital Water" (dutch)

Journal/Conference Papers

Heisbroek et al. - The Advance towards WANDA Multiphase: Simulations of Fast Transients in Multiphase Pipelines
Westende et al. - Incident analysis of a fuel loading line
Pothof et al. - ESD incident evaluation of a crude oil pipeline
Pothof et al. - Detection of gas pockets in dendritic wastewater mains
Pothof et al. - Case study: Overloaded pump motor
Pothof - A turbulent approach to unsteady friction
Pothof - Feasibility of booster pumpst in a wastewater transportation system: a case study
Pothof - On simplifying the modelling of transients in drinkingwater distribution systems

Wanda Innovation & Validation reports

Uncertainty analysis (and more) in WANDA
WANDA vs 3.60 Validation, 2008
WANDA vs 3.70 and vs 4.0 Validation, 2012

Wanda Technical Articles

Airvalve modelling using Wanda: Article and example Excelsheet

Deltares Brochures and project descriptions


Hydraulic study for desalination plants (Capability statement)

Project descriptions

Shuweihat Water Transmission Scheme
Waterhammer analysis of Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Plant
Performance analysis of a helicopter retract actuator
Boosters in sewage transportation: an innovation

Wanda Newsletters

Newsletter May 2010
Newsletter February 2009
Newsletter September 2007
Newsletter March 2006
Newsletter April 2005
Newsletter January 2005



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