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G-EMMA is provided as open-source software under the BSD license.

Please note that the software is still under development, and is provided without support (although you can always try e-mailing me at joost dot delsman at deltares dot nl).

Citing G-EMMA

If you use G-EMMA in scientific publications, we appreciate citations to the following paper:
Delsman, J. R., Oude Essink, G. H. P., Beven, K. J., & Stuyfzand, P. J. (2013). Uncertainty estimation of end-member mixing using generalized likelihood uncertainty estimation (GLUE), applied in a lowland catchment. Water Resources Research, 49, 4792–4806.

Windows binaries are available for 32 and 64bit. 

win32 binary: gemma_win32_rev59.exe

x64 binary: gemma_x64_rev59.exe

A python module to access the (binary) output:

A working set of example files

Users are experiencing errors when the file libiomp5md.dll isn't present on their system. I have created an (untested, but seems to be working) Window installer file to circumvent this. You do appear to have to copy your g-emma executable and files to some other location (My Documents or some other location where you usually work with data), if you get the following error:


The source code is also available:

(Binaries are created with Intel Visual Studio, and are linked against the Intel MKL libraries. Code contains some VS specifics, so will need some fiddling before successful compilation on other compilers / platforms.)



rev59 - fixed differences in output file with/without using temporary iterations file
rev58 - fixed crash when using random solutes
rev40 - original version


Open issues:

  • g-emma crashes when using 'stopmaxbehave' setting (workaround: set it to false)
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