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The latest version of SOBEK 3 can be found on


SOBEK 3 includes all DUFLOW functionalities for modelling 1D open water flow networks, real time control measures plus rainfall-runoff, water quality processes and overland flow. This functionality has been developed in close collaboration with the STOWA, several Dutch water boards and Dutch consultants.

SOBEK 3 is based on the Delta Shell framework and includes the following plugins:

D-Flow 1D Open Water
D-Real Time Control
D-Rainfall Runoff
D-Water Quality

SOBEK 3.7 is the current SOBEK 3 release. Previous SOBEK 3 releases have been developed in close collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

SOBEK 3.7 has been validated for use in River 1D Flow applications, and is available as beta functionality for other applications (Rural 1D Flow, Rainfall Runoff, ...)

SOBEK 3.7 is a key transition product towards the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (Delft3D FM) as the successor of both the structured Delft3D 4 Suite and the SOBEK 2 Suite.

Our software development team is working hard to include the remaining SOBEK 2 functionality, such as 1D2D embedded (rural) and 1D2D stacked vertically (urban) coupling, in the Delft3D FM Suite. Delft3D FM will also include the 1D2D longitudinal coupling.

The transition product SOBEK 3 is available on request for all users and developers with a SOBEK Service Package in place.


Key features of SOBEK 3

Project Explorer

Organize data and models visually

in intuitive ways.


Use docking feature to define your preferred windows layout

in the graphical user interface.


View or edit properties of any selected item.
For example specific data in the project,

location on the map, elements on the chart.


Maps, Gis Features

Use Maps to perform various GIS analysis
tasks on the models data. Add custom GIS
data as layers to the maps.

Time Series

Edit time-series in a tabular and XY charts way.

Perform various time-series analysis.
Easily import / export time-series values.


Import – Export wizards

Quickly import and export data using user

defined wizards.

Validation report

Check all model data for model run.


Undo - redo

Powerful undo - redo functionality.



Note: SOBEK 3 is available for 1D open water flow network, 2D overland flow, 1D-2D lateral coupling, rainfall-runoff, 1D water quality and 1D morphology applications only. It contains the following plugins:

  • D-Flow FM (2D overland flow)
  • D-Flow 1D (open water, including salt)
  • D-Real Time Control
  • D-Rainfall Runoff
  • D-Water Quality
  • D-Morphology 1D (implemented in D-Flow 1D computational core, no GUI yet)
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