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To collect water quality measurements, you need the following:

  1. Jar with test strips (for nitrate, use Hach test strips)
  2. Deltares reference card
  3. Smartphone with the Aquality App (download for Android or iOS)

Reference cards and test strips can be ordered by sending an email with your postal address, VAT number, Chamber of Commerce registration number (where applicable), and the following table to: order-nl@hach.com

Product No.QuantityDescriptionNet price/unit (excl. VAT)Total net price (excl. VAT)
LYU300L1Reference Cards Nitrate App€ 0.00€ 0.00
27454251Test Strips Nitrate/Nitrate p/25€ 21,70€ 21,70
VVA1Shipping and Handling€ 39,10€ 39,10
Total (excl. VAT)€ 60,80

The test strips are placed on a card with a colour legend (the same size as a bank card) and photographed through the app. The app uses image processing software to compare the color of the test strip against the legend. Since the strip and legend are side by side in the picture, errors due to variations in light, phone type or picture settings are expected to be minimal. The app then displays the measurement and the user has the option to send the result. If the user agrees, the measurement, along with metadata (time, location), are sent over the Internet to a server. If an Internet connection is not available, the data is prepared and is automatically sent when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Once on the server, measurements can be verified, visualized, edited, etc. This method can easily be applied to other parameters or types of test strips. Check out our tips and tricks to find out more, or the FAQs if you have any questions!