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Since 2014.02 a Delft-FEWS.exe, Delft-FEWSc.exe and Delft-FEWS.ini are provided in the Delft-FEWS bin dir. Delft-FEWSc.exe is a console version of Delft-FEWS.exe. The Delft-FEWS.exe can be renamed to a more suitable executable name, e.g. Midlands_SA.exe, Midlands_OC.exe, Midlands_DDA.exe. The executable needs to have a file with the same base name with the .ini extension, e.g. Midlands_SA.ini, Midlands_OC.ini, Midlands_DDA.ini. You can use the sample Delft-FEWS.ini provided in the bin directory as a starting point. Below you will find a description of the entries that can be specified in the .ini file.



jpif files are no longer supported from 2014.02 onwards. Please use the executable with the .ini file (Delft-FEWS.exe, Delft-FEWSc.exe, Delft-FEWS.ini).


In the bin from before 2014.02 there will also be a file of the same name with the extension .jpif (e.g. Your_region.jpif). Since the executable is generic (except for the name) this file contains all the information required to launch your application.