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Launching Delft-FEWS 2017.01

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There are a number of options when configuring the launch of your Delft-FEWS application. The most simple is to double click on the appropriate executable in the bin directory e.g. C:\FEWS\bin\Your_Region.exe - this will launch FEWS directly.

A typical FEWS installation has the following subdirectories in the FEWS root directory:

  1. bin: The FEWS binaries, scripts and native code.
  2. jre: The java runtime
  3. RegionHome: The region home with the FEWS configuration

Windows 32 and 64

Since 2017.01 FEWS is launched from the RegionHome directory. In the bin/launcher directory there are startup scripts available for all supported platforms (windows32, windows64, linux). Depending on a 64 or 32 bit environment copy the appropriate scripts to the RegionHome, for example Delft-FEWS_x64.ini and Delft-FEWS_x64.exe. Running Delft-FEWS_x64.exe will launch FEWS. The .exe can be renamed. This is convenient when having multiple FEWS system so you see the difference in the Windows Task Manager. The .ini file should always have same name as the .exe.


On linux the script can be copied from the bin/launcher/linux directory to the FEWS root directory. Make sure the script has executable permissions set. To run FEWS from the root directory run: ./ RegionHome. The script also specifies the java heap size that is used by FEWS. To increase the size, this script should be tuned.

Sample Delft-FEWS_x64.ini

Code Block
#start up heap memory size
#max heap memory size, limited to 1024m for windows 32 bits

Since 2014.02 configure a ini file


The two executables are copies of java launchers provided by winrun4j. (see

Sample Delft-FEWS.ini

Code Block
#Delft-FEWS ini file

#Java Runtime jvm.dll location

#location of the bin dir

#region_home directory - <region_home> to be replaced with actual region home directory

#optional splash file - <region_home> to be replaced with actual region home directory

#optional debug log - enable these #log and #log.overwrite for obtaining debug logging when the application fails to start, <region_home> to be replaced with actual region home directory



The location of the jvm.dll (from the Java JRE). On 64 bit JRE's the path is ../jre/bin/server/jvm.dll

vmarg.<index>=-Xms512mInitial amount of memory available for FEWS 


Amount of memory available for FEWS

vmarg.<index>=-XX:MaxPermSize=128mSet PermSize (default 64m, which is sometimes too low and results into PermSize errors) 
vmarg.<index>=-Dsun.java2d.noddraw=trueturns on/off all usage of Direct3D 
vmarg.<index> the LAN system proxy settings (default FALSE) 

 switch on/off the rolling barrel (default TRUE)



all the jars in the Delft-FEWS bin dir forming the classpath



 Main class.

  • for the config manager use


  • for the launcher use


Location of the Delft-FEWS bin dir



Path to the folder containing the configuration. Note that when the tag $USER_HOME$ is part of the foldername, it will be resolved by Delft-FEWS to the user.home directory.