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Beschrijving: Salt Water Intrusion and Heat Transport
Auteur: Gualbert Oude Essink
Dictaat: Density Dependent Groundwater Flow

PART I Salt water intrusion in coastal aquifers
1 Introduction
2 Characteristics of a density dependen groundwater system
2.1 Chemical characteristics of water
2.2 Equation of motion: Darcy's law
2.3 Equation of continuity
2.4 Equation of solute transport
2.5 Boussinesq approximation
2.6 Brine groundwater
3 Freshwater head
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Horizontal flow
3.3 Vertical flow
4 The concept of a fresh-saline interface 29
4.1 Badon Ghijben-Herzberg principle
4.8 Evolution of a freshwater lens in a phreatic aquifer
4.9 Upconing of saline groundwater
4.10 Effect of a relative sea level rise
5 Control of salt water intrusion 49
5.1 Countermeasures to control salt water intrusion
5.2 Monitoring of salt water intrusion
6 Numerical modelling
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Problems with 3D modelling of salt water intrusion
6.3 Some computer codes
6.5 Examples of numerical modelling with MOCDENS3D
Vertical interface between fresh and saline groundwater
Saltwater pocket in a fresh groundwater environment
Evolution of a freshwater lens
Henry's problem
Hydrocoin, level 1, case 5
Elder problem
7 Salt water intrusion in the Netherlands