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  • Adding netCDF to Geoserver

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This tutorial refers to GeoServer <stable> version 2.8.2 on Windows. Since the stable version of GeoServer does not allow ingestion of NetCDF as input Coverage Format, Geoserver Extension can be installed from from Once geoserver/ (Select corresponding extension version to Geoserver version downloaded on machine). Once the extension has been downloaded, the .jar files have to be copied to GeoServer 2.8.2\webapps\geoserver\WEB-INF\lib\. For any of the following steps, the easiest way to work with NetCDF Coverage input is to use the user interface provided by GeoServer installation. However, for reasons of efficiency and process automation a client might prefer to use the REST API GeoServer provides. The REST configuration allows you to work with bindings from various programming languages or simply with cURL command line tool. Python bindings are also available from, but there is no implementation of working with NetCDF files yet.