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We hebben een flink aantal onderwerpen op de plank klaar liggen, van numeriek modelleren tot en met water systeem analyse en monitoring, of een combi. Neem contact met ons, of met de desbetreffende studenten. Tot hoors!

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Enkele onderwerpen:

  • Freshwater management techniques as a bridge between water demand and supply in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam (including fieldwork provinces Ben Tre or Tra Vinh)

  • Analysis of upconing of saline groundwater under deltaic areas (numerical study)
  • Effect of model parameters (e,g. solute solvers, grid convergence) on variable-density groundwater and salt transport benchmark cases (e.g. Henry, Hydrocoin, upconing; numerical analysis using iMOD-SEAWAT)
  • Fresh groundwater resources management at a farmers level in the province of Zeeland, The Netherlands: setting up robust web-based clipping tools; a modelling study
  • Assessing submarine groundwater discharge along coastal stretches: a global analysis
  • Setting up a 3D variable-density groundwater flow model simulating salt water intrusion in a deltaic area: possible cases: the Bengal, Indus, Po, Yangtze, Pearl river deltas