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Explanation of .ini entries


The location of the jvm.dll (from the Java JRE). On 64 bit JRE's the path is ../jre/bin/server/jvm.dll

vmarg.<index>=-Xms512mInitial amount of memory available for FEWS 


Amount of memory available for FEWS

vmarg.<index>=-Dsun.java2d.noddraw=trueturns on/off all usage of Direct3D 
vmarg.<index> the LAN system proxy settings (default FALSE) 

 switch on/off the rolling barrel (default TRUE)



all the jars in the Delft-FEWS bin dir forming the classpath



 Main class.

  • for the config manager use


  • for the launcher use


Location of the Delft-FEWS bin dir



Path to the folder containing the configuration. Note that when the tag $USER_HOME$ is part of the foldername, it will be resolved by Delft-FEWS to the user.home directory.



Notice that JAVA system properties should be defined after the -D keyword. JVM arguments are all specified with an integer index in ascending order without gaps, e.g.


In the bin from before 2014.02 there will also be a file of the same name with the extension .jpif (e.g. Your_region.jpif). Since the executable is generic (except for the name) this file contains all the information required to launch your application.


The location of the JRE folder


Amount of memory available for FEWS






Application type*


Name of folder containing the configuration

*If wanting to use the config manager use line: nl.wldelft.fews.configmanagement.ConfigManagementApplication or for the launcher use nl.wldelft.fews.launcher.Launcher

It is possible to add JAVA runtime options the .jpif file.


JRE Folder


Set initial java heap space


Set maximum java heap space


Set PermSize (default 64m, which is sometimes too low and results into PermSize errors) (not used in Java 8 and higher)


turns on/off all usage of Direct3D

Use the LAN system proxy settings (default FALSE)


switch on/off the rolling barrel (default TRUE) in the OC






$USER_HOME$\Application Data\FEWS\Anglian_SA

Folder name of configuration, of which a working copy will be copied and used in the defined directory. The base directory should always be at the same level a JRE and BIN

Notice that JAVA system properties should be defined after the -D keyword.