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For the specific example to insert and manipulate a very simple set of locations located in the Dutch Voordelta, please proceed below. For a more detailed tutorial please follow the Workshop PostgreSQL/PostGIS/QGis.

Enabling PostGIS

The first action to perform is enabling the PostGIS extension in PostgreSQL. Open the query window (in pgAdminIII that is Ctrl+E, in pgAdmin4 navigate to the Tools menu and select Query Tool. Type the command listed in the code block below.

Code Block
titleActivate PostGIS
CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;

Execute with Ctrl+E in pgAdminIII and F5 in pgAdmin4.

Simple data insertion

This part of the tutorial show how to insert a simple dataset ( and turn it into a table with geometry.Unpack the zip file and store in locally.
Open the file in a text editor and investigate the header and the rows.The first few rows contain: