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To display the data a topology node has to be selected that maps to the run that imports the csv. After selecting the node the Module Run Table Display will appear. On top of the display is a list with csv files that have been selected. Default the first file will be displayed. Clicking on any file will display the imported csv content.

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The table can be sorted by clicking on the headersa header.

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Tables can be filtered by double clicking on a cell entry. Only records with the same entry for the selected column will be displayed. The selected entry will be highlighted (blue). Double clicking another entry will expand the filter. To undo the filtering the highlighted column has to be double clicked again.

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Column hiding

In case not all columns should be visible, right clicking on a value will show the "Set column visibility" menu. This allows a user to select or deselect columns that should be visible (at least one column has to remain visible). These settings will be stored in the user settings and will remain available after FEWS was restarted.

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