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Two-compartment cells for scenario analyses 

SOFIE® cells come in two kinds: as a one-compartment and as a two-compartment cell. 
The two-compartment cell, which has two separate chambers that can be probed individually, is an excellent tool to study scenario treatments to the same undisturbed sample. Also check the Downloads for examples.

Examples of scenarios:

  • Wetting / drying
  • pH manipulation
  • Biota and blanc
  • Organism 1, 2
  • Spiking concentration ranges
  • Feed / non-feed
  • etc.

Flow through cells

For the incubation of test organisms, or sorbent media, small flow through cells can be used in SOFIE-cells. This makes counting and/or sampling easier. These cells have filter membranes at both ends that can easily be replaced.



SOFIE® is also available in long-sized dimensions. Longer sized cells have an extended sampling core and may be useful for specific studies, e.g. column leaching tests, macrophyte studies, or multi-layered probing of soil layers. 

The image shows an example of a 70 cm body core with 29 positions for sampling probes. The length of the cell and the amount and distances of probes may be adjusted to desired needs. 


One- and two-compartment cells can be ordered for purchase, with accompanying user licence. Deltares also welcomes partnerships in research programmes.

Contact us for prices and possibilities.



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SOFIE 2-compartment cell for scenario analyses

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Flow-through cell for simulating exposure to aquatic fauna


SOFIE XL 1-compartment cell with extended core