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Descriptor and indicatorsQuantity
Hydrological values 
Maximum Levels (prior to 1974 – year of closure of the Portita Inlet)Goloviţa lake: +106  cm (March 11, 1970)
Maximum Levels (after 1974)

Razelm Lake: 153 cm (June 2, 1988)

Golovita lake: 130 cm (January 9, 1981)

Absolute Minimum Levels (prior to 1974)

Babadag Lake: 16 cm (8-11.11.1969)

Jurilovca: +9 cm (26.10.1959)

Absolute Minimum Levels (after 1974)

Sarichioi: +3 cm (December 26, 1986)

Jurilovca: +8 cm (March 1, 1978)

Maximum Amplitude150 cm
Maximum Annual Amplitude120 cm (1988)



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