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OpenEarth is dedicated to automate deployment of PG ()and its other components) in Azure, please assist us at

Our goal is to offer a proper VM in Azure


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In addition to being the most pupular, Ansible has some advantages over other the previous generation of tools soch as Puppet, notably the ease to start using it. You can find many blogs that compare Ansible to other system configuration tools, like


After you automated the human processing time, the virtual machine spin-up time can be reduced by means of deploying containers. There are two ways to do this. First, there are classic tools to deploy full virtual machines, such as virtualbox of or vmware. Vagrent is wrapper around these tools to automate them. However, very popular nowadays is Docker to launch mini-containers fast. The differences between Docker and Vargent are explained here


A huge advantage of Ansible is also that it comes with tools to also automate database takstasks, notably to set proper authorization. And perhaps to insert a data model.


Noe Note that some day all of the above might become unnecesary, when Azure will offer PostgreSQL via Database-as-a-Service offerings: