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  • OGC data services: Spatial products with increased spatial resolution for regional and local studies and increased information on storm surge impacts following FAST protocols and map-outputs. The generation of these products may include in situ and/or remote (Earth Observation) data collection, processing and reporting, or uploading of increased resolution maps in geoserver, such as elevation maps for new sites to improve outputs.
    MI-SAFE can deliver OGC data services on:
    • Elevation data: acquired by dGPS, UAVs, air/ground Lidar, or EO.
    • Vegetation data: field surveys, UAVs, EO and trend analysis.
    • Wave attenuation data: field measurements, long-term deployments.
    • Sediment dynamics data: field measurements and long term EO.
  • OS modelling services: Development of new model functionalities, calibration and validation.
    • Implementation of 1D, 2D or 3D model schematizations using full XBEACH functionality.
    • Generation of new algorithms and data fusion, calibration and validation of model outputs for a specific or for different regions.
    • Linking of EO data and wave modelling to other modelling toolboxes.

To provide these services, the Advanced level offers quick scan of sit and discussion of issue at hand with the FAST team. Additionally, for end-users with interest in learning how to get the maximum benefit from the MI-SAFE services, there is also an offer of starters and advanced training packages.

Depending on the specific end-user requirements, the Advanced level of services can be provided as consultancy, training and/or support. These services offer opportunities tailored to individual users including data collection, setting up EO workflows, tuning models, exploiting OGC data streams or large-scale deployments.