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  1. Open a new project
  2. Start in Generic Data by defining a Coastline, a Cross-shore profile (slope) a Wave climate and sediment characteristics.
    Please note:
    1. Only the wave climate and not the extreme wave climate is considered in the calculation.
    2. A nearshore wave climate is calculated based on linear wave theory in case an offshore wave climate is provided.
  3. If required, define breakwater structures. Make sure the breakwaters intersect the coastline.
  4. Open the Coastline development tool.
  5. Provide input according to the user input field description below.
  6. Press the (Image RemovedImage Added) button to obtain sediment transport magnitude information along a specified amount of shorenormal transects along the coastline.
    1. The Red arrow indicates the nett sediment transport magnitude in m3/year at the nett direction at that transect.
    2. The Green arrow indicates the gross sediment transport from left to right in m3/year at that transect.
    3. The Blue arrow indicates the gross sediment transport in m3/year from right to left at that transect.
  7. Press the play button to start the coastline evolution calculation. A shoreline will be plotted on the map for each speficied time interval. An S-phi curve is plotted per wave condition.
  8. Press the delete button to delete the coastlines from the map.