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A summary of the project of which we are making the data FAIR.


Source (URL) pointing to where you got the summary information from.

FAIR - before

State of F

For all these boxes: describing how you found the (meta)data (if you could find it) and how FAIR the data was, per letter.

State of A

State of I

State of R

FAIR - after

State of F

The data is made findable on the Deltares Data Portal with proper metadata.

State of A

The data is accessible by people who have access to the Deltares Data Portal.

State of I

You can retrieve the data and look at the metadata via multiple links and services.

State of R

The metadata gives enough information for the user to reuse the data.

Lessons learned

The thredds harvester and publisher are very useful to make netCDF's available.

Conclusions for guidelines:

  • bullet-points with main conclusions for the "How to make your data FAIR?" guidelines