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Delft3D Flexible Mesh GUI

Version: 2020.03 (1.6.2.



Key changes: 

  1. We have corrected the communication with Open Street Map. You can use again Open Street Maps as a background layer.
  2. SWAN version is updated, additionally options for Non-Stationary simulations were corrected in the User Interface and in the Computational Core.
  3. D-Waves: Support for Domain Specific Settings in D-Waves simulations is added.
  4. All simulations are executed via DIMR, if your simulation crashes, the error from Computational Core is passed directly to the User Interface. 
  5. D-Real Time Control: Initial support for Mathematical Expressions is implemented (note this is currently a Beta feature)
  6. Improved the implementation of the averaging methods in Spatial Operations.
  7. D-Waves: Totally different Spatially Varying boundaries was postponed to the next 2020.04 release due to change in priorities for Mathematical Expressions.