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  • SubGit

    • Code Block
      subgit configure --layout auto --trunk branches/FeatureBranches/NGHS_Delft3D_Beheer_en_Onderhoud D-HYDRO.git

    • Update D-HYDRO.git/subgit/config file
      • Edit branches
        • trunk = branches/FeatureBranches/NGHS_Delft3D_Beheer_en_Onderhoud:refs/heads/master
          branches = trunk/delta-shell/Products/NGHS:refs/heads/2019-trunk
          branches = branches/FeatureBranches/NGHS_Delft3D_Beheer_en_Onderhoud_Extra:refs/heads/TeamExtra
          branches = branches/FeatureBranches/NGHS_Delft3D_Beheer_en_Onderhoud_Extra_Develop:refs/heads/TeamExtra-develop
          branches = branches/FeatureBranches/NGHS_BO_WavesBoundaries:refs/heads/feature/WavesBoundaries
          branches = branches/D-HYDRO_2020.04:refs/heads/release/D-HYDRO-2020.04

      • Edit minimal revision and other optional properties

    • Update authors.txt, update passwd file

    • Code Block
      subgit install D-HYDRO.git

    • Register with free key (obtained from subgit website)

      Code Block
      subgit register D-HYDRO.git --key subgit.key

  • Cleanup repository
  • Add new remote

    • git remote add origin <GITHUB Remote URL>
    • git push --all

Branches to migrate:

SVN Branch pathGit Branch
branches/FeatureBranches/NGHS_Delft3D_Beheer_en_Onderhoudmaster (question)
branches/D-HYDRO_2020.04release/2020.04 (error) probably not needed, old release stays in svn for maintenance
branches/FeatureBranches/NGHS_BO_WavesBoundariesfeature/WavesBoundaries (error) branch closed, but keeping it here as an example