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This project aims at developing knowledge for efficient modelling of (measures on) sandy coasts on yearly to decadal time scales. Accounting also for complex coastal structures and cross-shore interactions with the middle shoreface and dunes. This knowledge is necessary to be able to evaluate future sediment requirements and management strategies for sandy coasts. The following scope was defined on the basis of the priorities of the partners:


  • Task 1    Efficient wave, current and climate conditions
    Wave data, tide conditions and sea level rise conditions are implemented in such a way that the number of complex modelling decisions is reduced.
  • Task 2    Coastal structures and sand nourishments
    Complex coastal features, such as groynes, offshore breakwaters, rocky headlands and nourishments are researched and implemented, which is essential for assessments in densely populated metropolitan coastal areas.
  • Task 3    Cross-shore transport to dunes and middle shoreface & sediment availability
    The dunes and middle shoreface act as buffers of sediment. The exchange is essential for the assessment of long-term decadal coastal response.
  • Task 4    Efficient code & mathematical techniques
    Improved efficiency of the code through optimization of the structure and language.
  • Task 5    Automatic verification methodology
    Creation of robust code through a testbed and version control.
  • Task 6    Pilot model applications
    Case studies showcasing the potential use of the ShorelineS model. Case studies are used as a basis for the testbed. Pre- and postprocessing routines are made.