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Questions regarding co-creation

titleHow to co-create with outside collaborators?

Github is an ideal place to work together with colleagues and also external parties. In the new organization, there are a few ways to work with outside collaborators:

  1. Use PULL REQUESTS. Allow your repository to accept pull requests. This way collaborators do not require to be added (and managed) as 'Outside collaborators'. This works well for PUBLIC repositories.
  2. Invite an outside collaborator to your organization and then assign them to your repository. For PUBLIC repositories no license is claimed for PRIVATE repositories 1 license is claimed. No additional costs for adding the same collaborator to multiple repositories.

Questions relating to migration

titleIn which organization should I create my new repository?


I want to request a new Github repository for my project or software product, but I do not know which of the two Deltares organizations I must choose: Deltares or Deltares-research


You do not need to choose anything, this will be done for you base on the information provided during the registration process.

What is the difference between the two organizations?

Deltares organization: This organization is meant to house all repositories that are linked to a Product Management Team (PMT) and contain production ripe software.

Deltares-research: All repositories that do not fit into the Deltares organization.

titleHow to re-authorize the OAuth Application?


After your repository is moved from to the new organization, it is possible that you are required to re-authorize the OAuth Application when you perform a GIT action on the command line.


Follow the following steps to refresh you authorization token:

  1. Open the Credential Manager in Widows. ( type 'Credential Manager')
  2. In Credential Manager select 'Windows Credentials'

  3. Lookup the credentials for git: and remove this.
  4. Re-initialise the cred manager in git bash: git config --global credential.helper manager-core
  5. Re-run git pull and follow the pop-up instructions to authenticate in a browser (which happened automatically for me with SSO).

titleHow to invite members to my repository?

After your repository is moved from to the new organization, the list of collaborators has been cleared. Each repository is assigned one administrator who is tasked with inviting new collaborators.

Inviting new collaborator can be done by the Administrator using the 'Add people' button.

Invite collaborators using e-mail: It is important to know that when inviting new Deltares collaborators, you must invite them using their Deltares e-mail address. This assures that all members are part of the Deltares domain.

For bigger repositories it is advised to user teams instead of adding individual users. At present it is not possible for administrators to create a Team. In such cases the administrator should send a request to the Github support group:

titleIs there a project number available for migration?

No there is not.

When you have questions regarding the new GITHUB environment you can post them to the GITHUB support team. We can then try to connect you to people who already have experience with GITHUB. Otherwise we suggest you contact your department head for funding.

titleWhat is meant by production-ripe software?

There is no fixed definition of 'production-ripe' software. It is up to the Product Management Teams (PMT) to decide if they wish to designate certain repositories / products as production ripe or as research. 

All repositories under the Deltares organisations should be linked to one of the PMT;s. If unsure about the status of your repository please contact the PMT and discuss with them where your repository fits best.

Questions relating to applications

titleCan we use co-pilot in the new organization?

In the current Deltares organization, co-pilot has been enabled. There are 24 licenses available, all of which are currently taken. At present co-pilot is not enabled in the Deltares-research organization. This will change once the Deltares organization has been added to the Deltares enterprise.

How we plan to use co-pilot in the future and how we plan to manage the licenses has not yet been worked out. For more information please contact: .

titleCannot see my repositories in Zenodo

Apparently some users can no longer see their repositories in Zenodo. Even when their repositories have not been moved from the Deltares organization. Why this is the case is still unclear however the resolution is that one of the organization owners logs into Zenodo using ones Github account and activates the required repositories.

titleCan I use my existing GITHUB account?

I want to use my own Github account that I've used thus far (linked to my private e-mail address). Can I do that and if yes, how?

It is possible to use your existing GITHUB account. However if you work for Deltares, you will have to assign your Deltares email to your GITHUB account. All Deltares employees will be invited their Deltares email address.