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As explained on our Getting started page, OpenEarth offers many free web services, some of which require registration, although they are still open and free:

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LinkedIn group

On our LinkdIn group we post news and events.

SubVersion server (svn)

Here we manage for tools, raw data + scripts (why) and model schematizations. You can register for a single-sign-on account at this server at and click Register in the upper right.

The sign-up on the very wiki you are now reading is NOT connected to the account (technical LDAP isues).

The account grants immediate access to the SubVersion server that hosts the repositories of OpenEarth, XBeach and Delft3D.

You can now scroll it with any web-browser to find a repository of interest.

You can subsequently make a checkout of a subset that you need: for Windows use Tortoisesvn and for linux simply use the command line client tools:

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svn checkout --username USERNAME openearthtools

The OpenEarthTools checkout includes the Delft3D Matlab tools as well as latest XBeach software and documentation, see and join to become a member of that community.
If you want to commit, please read the five easy steps to become an OpenEarth developer.


In our Forum we can discuss issues that are too detailed for the LinkedIn group. The above mentioned SubVersion credentials for provide you credentials for this.


Here we provide detailed documentation. You are currently reading a wiki page at where OpenEarth is hosted. Unfortunately the SubVersion account of is not yet synchronized with the subversion accounts for the wiki. If you want to help us writing documentation for OpenEarth on this wiki, please send an email to the OpenEarth team. Note that for regular OpenEarth participation a wiki account is not needed, the aforementioned (1) SubVersion account and (2) the LinkedIn account are sufficient.

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{lozenge:icon=!OpenEarth^lozenges.png!|title=Data repository|link=|color=green|width=250px}svn repository with the OpenEarthRawData{lozenge}
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{lozenge:icon=!OpenEarth^lozenges.png!|title=Models repository|link=|color=green|width=250px}svn repository with the OpenEarthModel{lozenge}
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{lozenge:icon=!OpenEarth^lozenges.png!|title=Tools repository|link=|color=green|width=250px}svn repository with the OpenEarthTools{lozenge}
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