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Configuration of the exportProfiles activity is identical to the exportTimeSeries Activity.


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Figure 73 Elements of the exportDataSets section


Optional reference to the file name moduleDataSet (without zip extension) of a moduleDataSet to be exported. When using this feature it is not needed to register the moduleDataSet , the moduleDataSet does not not need to be registered with a moduleInstanceId. Aligns with the whatif-functionality where configfile-properties can be set based on patterns in the moduledataset name.


Optional reference to the choose the moduleDataSet to be exported based on a mapping between a timeseries the value at T0 and the associated moduleDataSet file name. Since the timeseries value may be derived from a location attribute, the selection can be determinted via a location attribute modifier.


Optional reference to overrule a 'normal' moduleDateSet export by a different export in case of a cold state start


Figure 74 Elements of the exportParameter section