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F12 - Choice


What does it do?

1open most recent current forecast and adjust system time 
2open most recent forecast and adjust system time 
3run last created taskRepeat last task run
4open last forecast for selectionOpens forecast for selection in the data viewer
5set system time to last available for selection 
6save temporary time series 
7ids visibleShows ids next to location name (filters)
8names visibleShows names in location filter
9descriptions visibleShows description
Averbose location tool tipsExtra info in tooltips
Bclear time series memory caches 
Crun workflow testAllows selection of test workflow xml file
Erelease plugin bin dirs 
Fset water coach wall clock timeOpens Water Coach wall clock time dialog
Gselect by attributesOpens the optional attributes panel in the data viewer
Hdelete local data store 
Iacknowledge allAcknowledges all flagged messages in the system monitor
Jopen database viewerOptional display for visualising database records
Kopen workflow navigatorOptional display for visualising workflow tree
Lopen tabular config files displayOptional display for visualising metadata (use with filters)
Mstart embedded vjdbc serverConnect to Delft-FEWS via JDBC
Nterminate local runs 
Orollback modifier changes 
Pdatabasedatabase menu (see below)
Qscreen recordingscreen recording menu (see below)
Rconvertconvert menu (see below)
Sclipboardclipboard menu (see below)
Texportexport menu (see below)
Uuser settings

user settings menu (see below)

Vopen most recent running forecast and adjust system time 
Wrestart and disable UserSettings