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See attached a configuration. An example of the black-green scheme is shown below:

Changes since 2019.02

In 2019.02 the look of the GUI was updated and four new color scheme config elements were added:

  • <buttonPressed>: background color of a button when it is pressed / "on".
  • <buttonRollover>: background color of a button when the mouse rolls over.
  • <sliderThumb>: color of the thumb on sliders such as the time sliders and aggregation slider in the spatial display.
  • <tableCellFilteredBackground>: color of table cells which have been double clicked to filter on the value in the cell. (Note: for the time series table in the database viewer the filtered background is set through <timeSeriesFilteredBackground> instead.)

To avoid issues with backwards-compatibility, all these new elements are optional. The elements in the color scheme configuration are ordered alphabetically, so they should be added in the correct alphabetical order position.

In addition to these changes, some of the GUI elements will now follow different PredefinedColor elements to determine their color:

  • Many of the 3d effects have been removed by making the "shadow", "darkShadow", "highlight" and "light" colors of GUI elements follow the same PredefinedColor as the background. See the FEWS Defaults section below.
  • The separators in the toolbars now also use the <separatorForeground> instead of <generalShadow>
  • Many "icon-like" GUI elements now use the <iconLine> color to determine their color. This includes:
    • The track on the sliders
    • The arrow icons in the arrow buttons in scrollbars and drop-down selection boxes
    • The checkmarks and border lines on checkboxes
    • The round marks and border lines on radio buttons 

FEWS defaults

The below list describes (from JAVA code) the defaults in FEWS and also which color key is used per control.