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  • Arrival on either friday 13th or saturday 14th.
  • Informal dinner and ice breaker saturday 14th
  • Sunday june 15: morning, formal start of summerschool
    • Sunday june 15: from data to information: MSFD, EMECO (CeFas)
    • Monday june 16: data products: DIVA & DINEOF (University Liege)
    • Tuesday june 17: data dissemination: EU data Landscape: EMODNET, EuroGOOS, EurOBIS, MyOcean, SeaDataNet
    • Wednesday june 18: one of: data assimilation or data management/curation or web processing
    • Thursday june 19: one of: ,,data assimilation with OpenDA (
    • Friday june 20: one of: ,,data management/curation or web processing
  • Friday june 20: formal end of the summerschool at lunch: departure
  • The "Kijkduin" lodging is available until friday june 20th.