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three star open Web data

JarKus data in OpenEarth:

  1. Raw data + scripts (ascii + Matlab)
  2. Standardized data (netCDF on OPeNDAP)
  3. Visualized data (kml)

JarKus description:

  • Because of the size of the JarKus data, they are grouped into regions called Kustvak(ken), here from North to South with Kustvak number within brackets
    • Schiermonnikoog (2)
    • Ameland (3)
    • Terschelling (4)
    • Vlieland (5)
    • Texel (6)
    • Noord-Holland (7)
    • Rijnland (8)
    • Delfland (9)
    • Maasvlakte / slufter (10)
    • Voorne (11)
    • Goeree (12)
    • Schouwen (13)
    • Oosterschelde / Neeltje Jans (14)
    • Noord-Beveland (15)
    • Walcheren (16)
    • Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (17)
  • There is a separate coordinate system for The JarKus transects. The alongshore coordinate of each transect is linked to a beach pole Rijksstrandpaal (RSP). The coordinates system is different per KustVak. The OpenEarthTools function jarkus_rsp2xy.m can convert from the local RSP system to world coordinates in the Dutch coordinate system EPSG:28992.
  • Rijkswaterstaat Kustlijnzorg Kustlijnkaarten 1998-present.
  • Interactieve kustlijnkaarten site.
  • Accuracy for depth measurements: Wiegmann, N., 2002. Onderzoek naar efficiency verbetering kustlodingen Rijkswaterstaat Meetkundige Dienst, rapport MD-GAM-2002-49. pdf
  • Accuracy for elevation measurements: [Graaf, H.J.C. de e.a., 2003. Inwinning 'droge' JARKUS profielen langs Nederlandse kust. pdf
  • A detailed description of the work flow in the mid 90's:
    Minneboo, F.A.J., 1995. Jaarlijkse kustmetingen Rijkswaterstaat RIKZ, rapport RIKZ-95.022. pdf
  • A detailed description of the work flow from 1963-1980
    Otten, C.J., 1985. Ontwikkelingen in de Jaarlijkse Kustmetingen en het verwerkingssysteem 1977-1985. Rijkswaterstaat Dienst Getijdewateren, nota GWIO-86.001

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Structured info

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The JarKus versie 2 (JarKus), was made available . The dataset covers the topography of the Netherlands (nl), measured from 1965 through 2015.
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