To build organisational and contractual arrangements which support the realization of BwN-type projects, the following questions need to be addressed:

  • How can organizational structures, procurement and contracts facilitate BwN-type projects?
  • Which specific arrangements with regard to organization, procurement and contracts are conditional for realization of such projects?

Even when a constructive cooperation exists within the network of stakeholders (see Networks), and even when all regulations and procedures are well deliberated (see Regulatory context) and a productive knowledge process is in place (see Knowledge context), yet, the ultimate success of the project depends on pro-actively organizing the project environment, such that the results of these efforts can be harvested. Without the actual realization of the BwN-project all the efforts in the end are in vain. So right from the start, attention should be paid to an appropriate 'realization framework'.

  • Reshuffled tasks and responsibilities in projects: when BwN is integrated in a project tasks and responsibilities of the various players can be different from the traditional arrangement, especially in the project implementation phase. The definition of tasks and responsibilities is of crucial importance since this defines the domain in which procurement and contracts have to be organized.
  • Innovative organisation of procurement and contracts: the altered tasks and responsibilities call for a redesign of the setting in which project realization takes place. It means that both authorities and private organisations have to be willing to rethink their roles in the process, to think differently about how they can make best use of each other's competences and resources, and to act differently in their new roles. Possibly, contractors (used to design & construct jobs) will also play a more substantial role during the initiation and planning phases, or during to operation and maintenance phase (DBFM-contracts).  This must have implications for the enabling procurement and contract types.
  • Check the Realization Framework lessons learned from BwN projects.