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Sustainable development - Perkpolder ferry port, NL


Location: Nederland, Perkpolder
Date: 2004 - on hold
Involved parties: Rijkswaterstaat, Dienst Landelijk Gebied, Royal Haskoning, ComCoast, Province of Zeeland, Municipality of Hulst, real estate developers (AM, Bouwfonds Ontwikkeling).

Technology Readiness Level: 2 (sustainable approach developed)
Environment: Estuaries, Ports and Cities
Keywords: coastal development, flood protection, land development, building by nature, integral design


Building with Nature designTraditional design

The Building with Nature design approach is one in which all three P's are addressed; the People in terms of improved residential areas, the Planet by creating different natural areas with additional ecological value, and the Profit by adding extra economical value to the area, through residential, recreational and commercial activities.

In a traditional situation, most likely the solution would be to do nothing. Perhaps the Westerschelde dikes would have been raised to protect the land, but other than that the area would have been left to economic deterioration.


Initiation Phase

The Perkpolder used to be a busy ferry-port, but after construction of the Westerschelde tunnel somewhat further west the ferry connection was shut down and the terminal area started to degrade. The Dutch government (Rijkswaterstaat, the Province of Zeeland and the Municipality of Hulst) proposed a revitalization project to boost the local economy, to enhance the quality of life and to create additional nature areas as a compensation measure for other projects nearby. Additionally, authorities recognized the opportunity to integrate innovative flood protection into the design.

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Planning and Design Phase

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Construction Phase

The project is still in the planning phase. No construction planning has been made yet.


Operation and Maintenance Phase

Not applicable yet. 


Lessons Learned

Although  the project is still under development, a number of lessons have already been learned from the project, on the process as well as on the flood protection scheme.

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