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Building with Nature Guideline
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Strategically placing mud



The strategic placement of dredged sediment in a shallow tidal environment can optimise the capacity for wind and waves to transport and disperse the material naturally to a desired location. Strategic placement of mud can be used to enhance ecological habitats, decrease turbidity and/or reduce the need to ship this material over a large distance thereby maximizing ecological benefits and minimizing costs. Throughout the world, there are locations that have too much fine sediment (causing a decline in water quality and high dredging costs) or a fine sediment shortage (for example sediment is needed to raise the land to compensate for sea level rise and is needed as building material for dike constructions and land reclamations). With strategically placing mud, we transform sediment from waste into a resource and contribute to the circular economy.

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How to use


For a prediction of the siltation of fine sediment and changes in bed composition, the following steps are recommended. These steps include both data analysis and the set-up of a conceptual framework with first-order quantification of siltation and bed composition change. The method described below provides a rough framework for the estimation of changes in bed level and bed composition caused by the erosion and deposition of fines.

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Practical Applications

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