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The WANDA API (Application programming interface) is a new addition to WANDA which enables to possibilities of writing scripts to perform certain task (e.g. creating figures, building of models, etc.). The WANDA API is accessible from Python, C and C# (.Net platform). This gives the user the freedom to choose its own preferred platform to write scripts.

The Wanda API is beta software and can only be used for educational purposes in connection with our courses. If you wish to use the Wanda Api for other purposes, please contact us via 

Wanda API for Python Installation Instructions 

  • Install Anaconda (Windows 64 bits, python 3.7)
  • Open Anaconda Navigator
  • Open the tab Environments
  • Either use an existing or create a new virtual Environments
  • Select the venv you want tu use and click on the play button en select "Open Terminal"
  • Run the following command: "python –m pip install pywanda"
  • If this is successful, start the python interpreter by typing "python"and pressing enter
  • Input the following statements: "Import pywanda" and press enter. If this statement executes without errors the installation was successful and the pywanda module is now imported into Python.
  • If errors occur at the previous step, please contact our support via 

License can be requested at

Documentation can be downloaded Start point is de index.html file.

Examples can be found here: This zip contains three examples

  1. Creating of a figure from an existing Wanda model
  2. Building of a model from scratch and doing a steady calculation
  3. Monte Carlo simulation with an existing model.

Known issues

  • License cannot cope with dongle-based license authorization, please contact support for a demo-license (not dongle-based).
  • Wanda API only works with Wanda 4.6 models (Wanda 4.5 models work mostly, but is not supported)
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