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Coastline intervention tool  - Holland Coast (ITHC)

Type: Model

Project Phase: Initiation, Planning and Design

Purpose: Communication tool for stakeholder engagement - simple modelling of different scenarios

Requirements: user-friendly (no extensive modelling skills required), knowledge on coastal processes

Relevant Software: OpenEarth Viewer (web application) or OpenEarth (requires Matlab)



The Interactive Design Tool for the Holland Coast (ITHC) is a Interactive group modelling (MapTable) application aiming at assisting decision makers, project developers and stakeholders in the early development stages of coastal maintenance strategies for the Holland Coast. The Holland Coast, i.e. the coast of the provinces South-Holland and North-Holland, the Netherlands, is a sandy dune coast characterized by a wide variety of economical, ecological and recreational functions, hence a large and diverse group of (potential) stakeholders. For the successful implementation of coastal maintenance strategies, the support of these stakeholders is of vital importance. With the Interactive Design Tool users can easily and rapidly evaluate the consequences of various coastal interventions (e.g. nourishments, coastal structures) for indicators such as coastline development, dune development and habitat suitability. The tool has the ability to evaluate (mutual) interactions between new interventions and existing coastal structures in both space (small- vs. large-scale) and time (short- vs. long-term). This enables users to get insight into the consequences of their choices, to determine their position, and to provide input into the design process.

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How to Use

The focus of this section is on the "technical" use of the Interactive Design Tool. For more information on the setting in which these types of tools can best be used we refer to the Interactive group modelling (MapTable) tool description.

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Practical Applications

The Interactive Design Tool for the Holland Coast has already been used in workshops, where various stakeholders made plans for the future of the Dutch coast. It is an effective tool to visualise the impact of management measures (nourishments and revetments) in both time and space. This is of great value because individual processes act as different temporal and spatial scales, and respond differently to the measures.

  1. Atelier Kustkwaliteit (AKK)
  2. Ecologically Smart Nourishments
  3. Other applications

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