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This page shows a list of (improvements of) features that have been suggested. The table shows a short description, who suggested it and the date of the suggestion. If a JIRA issue has been created it is mentioned, as well as whether the developers will start to work on this or not.

DescriptionDate of suggestionSuggested byStatusJIRA-issue number
Add description of oil types to the pop up screen (instead of 1-5)2022-07-07NEADONE-
Include unit for mass and concentration and release rate.2022-07-07NEADONE-
Show the report of PART simulation2022-07-07NEAWon't do-
Show coordinates of polygon (either in input or output)2022-07-07NEAOpen (Requires further discussion)FEWS-27559
Include units for the input form of particle tracking2022-07-07NEADONE-
Re-use settings from previous run2022-07-25NEAOpen (Requires further discussion)FEWS-27578
User is able to specify name/description2022-07-25NEAOpen (Requires further discussion)FEWS-27568 
User defined time series input2022-08-02NEAOpen (Requires further discussion)-
Drop down menu for selecting previous forecasts2022-08-02NEAOn hold-
Show currents with particle tracking results2022-08-04DeltaresOn hold-
Show results in dashboard2022-08-04DeltaresOn hold-
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