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Spatial Data Modeler (SDM)

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Data Processing:

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2a. Ecosystem Components
2b. Pressures and Impacts

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Spatial Data Modeller, SDM, is a collection of geoprocessing tools for adding categorical maps with interval, ordinal, or ratio scale maps to produce a predictive map of where something of interest is likely to occur. The tools include the data-driven methods of Weights of Evidence, Logistic Regression, and two supervised and one unsupervised neural network methods, and a knowledge-driven method Fuzzy Logic. All of the tools have help files that include references to publications discussing the applications of the methods implemented in the tool. Several of the tools create output rasters, tables, or files that require the user to enter a name.


Not available

Data Quality Required

Modification Required

SDM requires the Spatial Analyst extension with ArcGIS 9.2. Some critical tools will not work correctly with ArcGIS 9.3. A version for ArcGIS 9.3 is in preparation (Nov., 2008).

The latest release of SDM (July 2010) includes Fuzzy Logic and only works with ArcGIS 10.

Expertise Required

Knowledge of ArcGIS


Not available

Spatial and Temporal Scales

Not available

Licence Cost Issues



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Sawatzky, D.L., Raines, G.L. , Bonham-Carter, G.F., and Looney, C.G., 2009, Spatial Data Modeller (SDM): ArcMAP 9.3 geoprocessing tools for spatial data modelling using weights of evidence, logistic regression, fuzzy logic and neural networks.



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