Q: Why do I need a username and password to join OpenEarth?

A: All data, models and tools that are committed to the OpenEarth repositories are free for use by anybody. Given a username and password developers can fix bugs, change, delete and add code. The use of Subversion as a version control system ensures that every change is logged. In fact Subversion can identify for each single line of code who changed it and when. It is OpenEarth policy to make sure that each user is identifiable by his/her username. For top OpenEarth developers the visibility of their username functions as a 'Hall of fame', providing recognition for their effort and skill. For saboteurs username visibility functions as a 'Hall of shame', enabeling intervention by the OpenEarth developers team (e.g. rolling back poor changes and eventually disabeling the saboteur's account). Working with usernames and passwords is a crucial element in the OpenEarth quality control procedures.

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