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The JERICO Deltares Summer School 2014


From data to information


14-20 June 2014


Delft/the Hague

the Netherlands




Local organizer:    largest contributors:



Please type in all sections clearly in English in MS Word. Detailed answers are required in order to ensure the most appropriate selection of candidates. Supplementary documents (CV, Covering Letter and Letter of recommendation) are to be attached with the form.

Name of applicant




Contact address


Phone number




Institute affiliation


Institute position





Age group

20 - 30

31 - 40

41 - 50


BSc  in field:

MSc in field:

PhD in field:

___  in field:

Language skills

(Please indicate first language and other languages spoken or understood)




Data analysis skills / programming

(e.g. Python, R, Matlab, java, … )




I will arrange my own lodging.

I would like a reserved slot in a 3 bedroom bungalow in beach resort

private room (1 pers., 2 beds): total €300 for 7 nights

shared room (2 pers., 2 beds): total €150 for 7 nights


Have you ever been awarded a sch olarship? If yes, please give details.







Have you (co)written relevant publications? If yes, please give details (do not attach the actual publications)







Have you prior experience with in situ measuring, in situ data management and /or in situ data processing?







Membership in relevant professional institutions:

Name of institution

Membership status

Membership period (yyyy)












Supplementary documents to attach with this application form:

1 A4 max: Curriculum Vita (CV)

1 A4 max: Covering Letter . Please indicate why you have chosen this specific course and describe what you hope to achieve, professionally and personally, by completing the training. Also discuss what ideas and knowledge you would like to share with your fellow participants. We will require you to give a short presentation for your fellow participants.

1 A4 max: Letter of Recommendation . Please follow the provided template.


Kindly also note that successful applicants will be required to obtain adequate medical and other insurance cover for their entire stay in the country hosting the training course. This expense is not covered by JERICO and participants are to make the necessary arrangements and cover these costs personally. Furthermore, students are expected to fundfor their own travel (e.g. flights, eurolines bus, train), accommodation (for which we have reserved a cheap bungalow) and subsistence. Deltares will pay for local transport between the lodging, lecturing and field trip locations.


I certify that my statements in this form are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge


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