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The JERICO Deltares Summer School 2014


From data to information


14-20 June 2014


Delft/the Hague

the Netherlands




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Dear participant,

Thank you for taking part in the Jerico summer school, hosted by Deltares.  We hope you enjoyed the week, that you learnt a lot, made friends and found the school worthwhile.  We want to find out more about your experience so that we can build on the things we got right and improve those we didn’t.  Please could you take 10 minutes to complete the evaluation form below?  We want you to be honest, but also constructive in your suggestions for how to do things better.

Please score each aspect of the school on a grade of 1 to 10, where 1 is very poor and 10 is excellent.  We are particularly interested to find out your reasons wherever your scores are below 6.

Many thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.  Please email your completed form to: .  If you prefer to remain anonymous you can print this evaluation form and post it to: Gerben de Boer, Boussinesqweg 1, 2629 HV Delft, P.O. Box 177, 2600 MH Delft, The Netherlands.





Grade (1..10)



Summer school advertisements



Application procedure (wiki, forms)


e.g. application forms available too late

Travel information on wiki / arrival



Ice breaker & dinner


e.g. arrange proper receipts with restaurant

Kijkduin location overall (in contrast to for instance TU Delft campus)



Kijkduin lodging (bungalows, park)



Kijkduin lecture room


  e.g. better air conditioning, better wifi


Kijkduin lunches (food, length)



Kijkduin coffee/tea breaks



Bus (Tuesday)



Delft dinner (Tuesday)







Grade (1..10)



Overall theme of summer school:

science/data science



Balance topics (1 topic / day)



Balance lectures / exercises



Length of summer school (1 or 2 wk)



Number of participants (16)


e.g. 20 optimum, 30 (as in Malta) too much

Participant population (domain, sex, land, age)



Social activities (formally organized)



Social activities (spontaneous)



Price: we made the summer school as cheap as possible e.g. cheap lodging & travel, whereas JERICO Malta summer school fully-funded students and other summer schools charge fees.

What would be an affordable price?

What price would have been the maximum, above which you would not have been to attend?

Affordable price: €



Maximum price: €

How did you learn about this summer school?





Grade (1..10)



(what would you suggest to remove/keep/add)

Su morning De Boer: 4 th paradigm



Su morning Laane: data uncertainty



Su afternoon Mills + Baretta: EMECO



Mo morning Beckers: DIVA



Mo afternoon Beckers: DINEOF



Tu morning Calewaert: EMODnet



Tu morning Pintos: VLIZ/EurOBIS/ICES



Tu afternoon Gorringe: GOOS



Tu afternoon Hammerklint: MyOcean



Tu afternoon Thijsse: SeaDataNet



We morning: 3TU: Data management



We afternoon: de Zeeuw: field campaign



Tu morning: Verlaan/Vrielink: OpenDA



Tu afternoon: Verlaan/Vrielink: OpenDA



Fr morning: de Boer: OpenEarth



Fr morning: de Boer: evaluation



Presentations by students





  Next JERICO summer school courses




Which topic(s) would you keep


Which topic(s) would you remove


Which topic(s) would you add