JarKus data in OpenEarth:

  1. Raw data + scripts (ascii + Matlab)
  2. Standardized data (netCDF on OPeNDAP)
  3. Visualized data (kml)

JarKus description:

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    The <a href="" itemprop="name">JarKus</a> versie 2
    (<span itemprop="name">JarKus</span>), was made available <span  itemprop="datePublished">2009</span>.
The dataset covers the topography of <span itemprop="spatial"  itemscope itemtype="">the Netherlands (<span itemprop="address">nl</span>)</span>, measured <span itemprop="temporal" itemscope itemtype=""> from <span itemprop="startTime">1965</span> up to present.