In this section (Generic data – Bathymetry) you can specify the bathymetry data that can be used in all tools. Bathymetry data consists of 2 types, a cross-shore profile (which is required) and a spatial varying field (which is an optional extra).

The generic bathymetry data is available in all tools.The cross-shore profile data is used at locations where a spatial varying field is not available.

Cross-shore profile

The cross-shore profile can be defined manually and uses the coastline as a reference line (from Generic data - Coastline). At this moment, only a constant slope is supported. Fill in a slope as a 1:.. (e.g. 1:100) value.

Spatial varying field

The spatial varying field can be loaded from *.xyz and *.asc (ASCII-grid) files by clicking the () button, and is available in CoDeS as a point cloud.

Besides loading the pointcloud from an external file, you can also generate and/or modify the bathymetry yourself. 

Click the () button to generate a spatial varying field based on the constant slope and the coastline. Fill in the offshore distance, the onshore distance, the cross-shore spacing and the alongshore spacing of the grid on which the bathymetry is calculated. 

Once a spatial varying field is available in CoDeS, it can be modified: