In case of a sparse checkout (i.e. not fully recursive), externals are omitted

In case of large repositories, which is often the case with data repositories such as openearthrawdata, it is recommended to create a sparse checkout. This allows you to maintain the directory structure identical to the repository itself, but only get the data for specific parts that are of interest for you.

Sparse checkout with TortoiseSVN

In order to create a sparse checkout, you use the same menu of TortoiseSVN you would use for a usual (fully recursive) checkout; the only difference is the checkout depth:


  1. Checkout the main directory of openearthrawdata. Set Checkout Depth to 'Only this item' or 'Immediate children, including folders'. Do not choose 'Fully recursive'!

  2. Open the Repository Browser:  Right-Mouse Button (RMB) on the newly created folder ==> TortoiseSVN ==> Repo-browser (or immediately Update to revision on a subfolder).

  3. Navigate to the folder you want to checkout completely.

  4. Press RMB on that subfolder, and select 'Update item to revision'.
  5. Press OK

You now have a partial checkout. If you later decide to checkout more, you can use the 'Update item to revision' trick on other folders.


Sparse checkout with command line tools

Another option is to use Command line tools. The options for the checkout depth are: