Fresh Groundwater Reserves 40 major deltas


Fresh groundwater reserves in 40 major deltas under global change
7Vietnam, Mekong Delta


Rise and fall - strategies for the subsiding and urbanising Mekong Delta (Vietnam) facing increasing water levels, land subsidence and salt water intrusion


6Bangladesh, Central coastal plane


SWIBANGLA, Managing saltwater intrusion impacts in Bangladesh


5Global analysis groundwater resources


Global Quick Scan of the Vulnerability of Groundwater systems to Tsunamis - and other flooding events




Manila Bay


Analysis of Submarine Groundwater Discharge to Manila Bay, Philippines


3Southeast Asia

Impact of the 26-12-2004 Sumatra Tsunami on freshwater resources on islands

2India, Gujarat


Consolidated learning from the salinity ingress prevention program in Gujarat India



Northwest Europe


CLIWAT, Interreg IV-B, CLImate change in relation to WATer quantity and quality