OpenEarth wiki philosophy

OpenEarth aims to archive, host and disseminate Data, Models and Tools for marine & coastal scientist & engineers and foster innovation in this field. OpenEarth is fully open source (both contents and infrastructure) to maximize synergye between partners. For safeguarding Data, Models and Tools the OpenEarth SubVersion repositories are used. The Data, Models and (matlab) Tools in these repositories will be shared via various levels of web services employing international standards like netCDF, CF parameter meta-data, EPSG spatial meta-data codes, INSPIRE owner meta-data, OPeNDAP (as running operationally for Rijkswaterstaat MATROOS) and opengis web map/feature/coverage servcies (WMS, WCS, WFS). The data collection procedure and the relation between those standards is explained in the figure below and in the Micore Data Standards document.


How can I join?

  • This wiki is intended to be a low-level area to share documents, links and knowledge snippets related to management of Data, Models and Tools. You can post comments below, or edit this wiki when you log in to this site. When you press 'edit' (upper right ) ormatting help is available.
  • For the more sophisticated management of Data, Models and Tools the OpenEarth SubVersion repositories are used. You can view the content of the repositories with your browers after logging in or you can access the repository with a SubVersion client, that provides write access as well. A detailed description of the data management can be found in the Data Standards.
  • Processed data are hosted on an OPeNDAP server. You can use existing data on this server, but you are also encouraged to share your own data on this server.

OpenEarth participants

The OpenEarth repositories are used, sponsored and/or maintained by:

Invitations to join have been sent to Van Oord, Alkyon, Moffat and Nichol and others.

Initiatives similar to OpenEarth

Open Source Software

OpenEarth is an Open Source Software initiative. We are not alone:

h3. Join
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h3. OpenEarth Services

|| Tools ||
| {lozenge:icon=!lozenges.png!|title=Tools|link=https://repos.deltares.nl/repos/OpenEarthTools|color=green|width=250px}svn repository with the OpenEarthTools{lozenge} |
|| Data || 
| {lozenge:icon=!lozenges.png!|title=Data|link=https://repos.deltares.nl/repos/OpenEarthRawData|color=green|width=250px}svn repository with the OpenEarthRawData{lozenge} |
|{lozenge:icon=!lozenges.png!|title=OpenDAP|link=http://dtvirt5.deltares.nl:8080/thredds|color=green|width=250px}Access OpenDAP(*test server*){lozenge}|
|{lozenge:icon=!lozenges.png!|title=OpenDAP|link=http://micore.wldelft.nl/opendap|color=blue|width=250px}Access OpenDAP (*production server*){lozenge}|
|| Models ||
| {lozenge:icon=!lozenges.png!|title=Models|link=https://repos.deltares.nl/repos/OpenEarthModels|color=green|width=250px}svn repository with the OpenEarthModel{lozenge}|