DONAR MWTL time series data via Waterbase in OpenEarth:

The Rijkswaterstaat historical time series data can be accessed via Waterbase. Waterbase is a mechanism that provides a web-service for a subset of the DONAR (in Dutch:Data Opslag NAtte Rijkswaterstaat) database that contains all historical data for all water-related Rijkswaterstaat affairs. MWTL is the name of the monitoring programme (in Dutch: Monitoring Waterstaatkundige Toestand des Lands Milieumeetnet rijkswateren) DONAR also contains grids, lines etc. For these non time series data see the links on Rijkswaterstaats waterdata_waterberichtgeving, this also includes Near Real Time (NRT) data in a geoviewer. NRT data feeds are available via Much information on RIjkswaterstaat data is also present in the HelpDeskWater. Currently Rijkswaterstaat is working on updating the IT infrastructure to connect everything via an internal Data Distribution Layer.

  1. Raw data + scripts (ascii + Matlab + Python)
  2. Standardized data (netCDF-CF on OPeNDAP)
  3. Visualized data overviews in Google Earth with previews of statistics (kml):
    Our kml server contains kml files with an overview of all locations per parameter. The Google Earth time slider is used to show when data is present at a specific location. For each location a pop-up shows some statistics, and a preview of the time series and histogram. The kml contains links to the netCDF data, and to the original web service url.

DONAR MWTL time series (waterbase) description:

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