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Density Dependent Groundwater Flow

Beschrijving: Salt Water Intrusion and Heat Transport
Auteur: Gualbert Oude Essink
Dictaat: Density Dependent Groundwater Flow

PART I Salt water intrusion in coastal aquifers

1 Introduction
2 Characteristics of a density dependen groundwater system
-Chemical characteristics of water
-Equation of motion (Darcy's law), continuity and solute transport
-Boussinesq approximation
-Brine groundwater
3 Freshwater head
-Introduction, horizontal flow and vertical flow
4 The concept of a fresh-saline interface
-Badon Ghijben-Herzberg principle
-Evolution of a freshwater lens in a phreatic aquifer
-Upconing of saline groundwater
-Effect of a relative sea level rise
5 Control of salt water intrusion
-Countermeasures to control salt water intrusion
-Monitoring of salt water intrusion
6 Numerical modelling
-Problems with 3D modelling of salt water intrusion
-Some computer codes, MOCDENS3D
-Examples of numerical modelling with MOCDENS3D
-Vertical interface, saltwater pocket in a fresh groundwater environment
-Evolution of a freshwater lens
-Henry's problem, Hydrocoin, level 1, case 5, Elder problem
7 Salt water intrusion in the Netherlands

PART II Heat transport in porous media: concept

8 Introduction
-Heat transport: conduction-convection equation
-Analogy of heat and solute transport
-Linear stability analysis
-Double-diffusive convection

Groundwater Modelling

Auteur: Gualbert Oude Essink
Dictaat: Groundwater Modelling
PART I Modelling Protocol
1 Introduction
2 Classification of mathematical models
3 Methodology of modelling
4 Data gathering
PART II Groundwater Modelling
5 Introduction
6 Mathematical description of hydrogeologic processes
7 Solution techniques
8 Numerical aspects of groundwater models
9 Some selected groundwater codes

Animations: examples

Henry's profile with sea level rise

Dutch profile with extraction, upconing and low inland levels

Profile over 3D model: autonomous salinisation, sea level rise

The movement of island De Griend (The Netherlands) and the creation of the freshwater lens

Evolution of a freshwater lens