The FP7 project JERICO will organize a 2nd summerschool after the successful 2013 one at Malta, see the 2014 Jerico Summer School announcement at the JERICO website.



14-20 june 2014 (saturday - friday)



23 April 23:59 CET(Wednesday)

please mind timely visa procedures


7 April 09:00 CET(Monday)
Extended to 22 April 2014 09:00
(due to late availability of forms)
We still accept some late submissions.

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Topic The preliminary title of this summerschool is "From data to decisions". We aim to cover the entire marine and coastal information cycle from data gathering via data management, data dissemination, data analysis, data assimilation to data-based policy decisions. A preliminary powerpoint of the entire summerschool is available as JERICO summerschool 2014 sketch.ppt.

Location The location is split between (i) holiday resort "Kijkduin" located near the beach south of the Hague, near the Sand engine coastal observatory and (ii) the Deltares offices in Delft, both in the Netherlands. The holiday resort site is within walking distance from the beach where the largest Dutch coastal observatory "Sand engine" is located, to which we will pay informal and work visits. The Deltares offices are a 30 min bus ride inland and offer lecture theaters for the lectures and excellent computational facilities for hands-on exercises.

Audience The target group is 30 early career scientists plus scientifically oriented early career marine spatial planners (MSP). Students are expected to arrange for their own funding for travel and lodging. To facilitate minimal participation barriers across disciplines and (EU) countries, students will be offered affordable lodging at YMCA pricing level for single rooms in European cities (~ 300 EUR for 7 nights) in the "Kijkduin" holiday resort, in bungalows shared by 3 students (separate rooms).

Highlights treated for at least half a day:

The "Kijkduin" lodging is available from the night june fri.13-sat.14 to night june thu.19-fri.20 (7 nights).

The kijkduin holiday resort can be reached with public transport:

For more information or pre-registration please contact gerben dot deboer at deltares dot nl.

* If time is too short to let someone write a Recommendation, please submit only Application form + CV + Covering letter, and send Recommendation later.