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CoDeS Philosophy

Relatively fast empirical relations, rapid assessment tools & simple models are not developed in a consistent, uniform & systematic manner, and are therefore often lacking:

  • The integration of different disciplines
  • Uniform  and clear visualizations
  • Proper validation and robustness
  • Full interactivity and flexibility potential

This is what we try to change with CoDeS!

CoDeS is

  • A framework in which tools from different disciplines are implemented, with focus on:
    • Validation
    • Consistency
    • Discipline integration
    • Robustness
    • Interactivity
  • A joint cooperation between DeltaresWitteveen+Bos and Royal HaskoningDHV.
  • Developing an open community in which engineers can contribute to the framework

Why do we believe in CoDeS?

  • It supports clients & stakeholders in early design phases of interventions in coastal systems
  • Quick first order insights - in a range of disciplines - allows for realistic/optimal designs
  • Allows for interactive communication of insights to clients and stakeholders (e.g. design sessions)
  • Validation, consistency and robustness is crucial for gaining confidence in the result of basic tools

CoDeS TKI projects

The CoDeS tools are developed within the following TKI projects:

JIP CoDeS Pilot2014 - 2015
JIP CoDeS 1.02015 - 2016
JIP CoDeS 2.02017 - 2019

The CoDeS tools were presented for an international audience at the International Conference on Coastal Engineering '18 (ICCE '18). The slides can be found here, and provide an extensive background of CoDeS tools.

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